Cross Country Cuddle Magic

We are on tour! And if you live somewhere in the continental United States, we’re probably coming within listening distance.

Details can be found at our website.

For a sense of scale, here’s the itinerary:

April 9th – NYC
April 10th – Philadelphia, PA
April 11th – Washington D.C
April 12th – Frederick, MD
April 13th – Staunton, VA
April 14th – Lewisburg, WV
April 15th – Lexington, KY
April 17th – Bloomington, IN
April 18th – Columbus, OH
April 19th – Ann Arbor, MI
April 20th – Evanston, IL
April 21st – Madison, WI
April 22nd – Minneapolis, MN
April 24th – Fairfield, IA
April 26th – Denver, CO
April 28th – Seattle, WA
April 29th – Portland, WA
May 1st – Sacramento, CA
May 2nd – Santa Cruz CA
May 3rd – San Francisco, CA
May 5th – Los Angels, CA
May 6th – Phoenix, AZ
May 8th – Albuquerque, NM
May 11th – Nashville, TN
May 12th – Knoxville, TN
May 13th – Chapel Hill, NC
May14th – Charlottesville, VA
May 16th – Washington DC
May 17th – Brooklyn, NY

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