Dance Around The Room With Me

I’m so very proud of this song from Ana Egge’s new record, and happy to see this incredible video by Taylor Ashton. You should see it too!

And/or you should catch me playing with Ana, live ….

(dates here:

And you can also catch me playing some other music in Brooklyn this month …

July 11 me and Grant Gordy and Jared Engel and Raphael McGregor are gonna do something fun at Rockwood 1, 9pm

July 27 me and Jason Nazary and Ryan Dugre are gonna play all these songs I’ve been writing the past year while listening to the national news nonstop, at Barbes at 8pm. And if I can get it together (and I think I can!) that same week 5 of those songs will finally be made available on all the contemporary digital music distribution services of note.

ps — I’m in Brooklyn these days working on records (for and/or with Lissa Schneckenburger, Zoe Guigueno, Taylor Ashton, Zusha, Roy Williams, Teddy Thompson, Mike Robinson …) Wanna make a record? Let’s make a record. It’s fun.

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