A show in Brooklyn – July 24

I have a show, indoors & before a live audience, coming up in Brooklyn, on Saturday July 24, at 7pm!

Julia Easterlin and I will play sets at the Green Lung Studio, at the base of Park Slope by the Gowanus canal.

I will sing songs from my recent album Airplane Mode, and newer songs. And, we’ll be getting together in advance to work out some collaborations.

What a year-and-a-half it’s been, and what a surprising world in which to mark a numerologically significant birthday. I am 40 now! The pandemic seems to have neatly divided my life: I’m hoping I have at least roughly as many decades to come, and I’m happy to face them with a little more wisdom, won via all the hours of Covid-enforced self-examination.

Physical isolation aside, I’m thankful to have spent the pandemic time still busy with music, and engaged with inspiring and challenging collaborators. David Wax, Zoe Guigueno, Taylor Ashton, Sadie Gustafson-Zook, Andrew Dimola, Anna Tivel, Caroline Cotter, Dallas Ugly, Joseph DeCosimo, Kenniston, and others invited me into their work, and it’s been a great privilege to craft sounds with them all. Not all of our most recent creations are yet released to the world, but ALL of the music made by those folks is good and I encourage you to give it a listen.

Also of great comfort this year, the six of us in Cuddle Magic have been writing an album’s worth of songs together. We’ll record them this coming fall, in the same small bathroom where we recorded Bath, our pandemic-Spring offering, once again breathing and listening to the shared air in that tiny space!

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