The Real World

Zoe Guigueno, Jason Burger, and I are Obscure Eddie, a new band, with a new record, and a new single (out today). We’ll play our entire yet-to-be-released album tonight at The Owl, on a bill with Joseph Keckler and Mehran Khaghani.

You can hear The Real World on any & all streaming services, today.

And you can bookmark (‘pre-save’) the full album, Obscure Eddie, to be released on Dec 8, (thereby letting the big central servers know you’re a fan-in-waiting)

I saw The Real World, growing up in the 90s. I wasn’t a big fan, but I have to admit I was pulled in. It was entertaining, and seemed well-conceived: a bunch of young- and barely- adults all living, uncomfortably cramped together, in some cultural capital. And the intense proximity of everybody would engender such intense reactions! Synthesis, decomposition, even combustion now and then. 

And everything was done in front of cameras! And that just made you wonder what you weren’t getting to see. Because there were intriguing privacies still, and some secrets teased at but withheld, and surely others never even captured. They must have turned those cameras off sometimes, just considering the meager data storage limitations of that bygone day. I bet that even now, at least for the moment, lots of life goes still un-recorded.

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