Alec Spiegelman’s Do-Gooders

… because to just call it “The Alec Spiegelman Quartet” …

… not cool at all. Hasn’t been acceptable since about 2005. These days, you’ve got to pretend your jazz quartet is an indie band. Except, you’re not going to work all that hard to promote that name, so you compromise:

“Alec Spiegelman’s Do-Gooders” …

…. yeah, that sounds cool.

with Mike Baggetta – guitar, Adam Dotson – euphonium, and Dave Cole – drumset, and AS on vocals and woodwinds.


Do-Gooders plays originals, obscure jazz non-standards, and unexpected covers. Listeners can expect a jazz commentary on pop and a pop commentary on jazz. In other words, Do-Gooders is my idea of what jazz should be – open-eared musicians playing fast and loose and funny with the pop conventions of their day.

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