Cuddle Magic & Phyllis Chen

The new album from Cuddle Magic & Phyllis Chen is, for your enjoyment (education?, edification, etc.?), streaming on The Wild Honey Pie.

Please head there and take a listen. And then celebrate with us when the album is released (all over the world) this coming Tuesday, April 8, 2014.

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From the Polar Vortex

Befitting our recent weather, I suppose, White Hinterland recently revealed this track to the world, on which I provide reedy low end and Cole Kamen-Green (my partner in winds from Cuddle Magic) supplies brassy flourish. The track has been featured on a music website called Pitchfork, and in a magazine called Rolling Stone, and now, also, here.

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Been busy busy busy the past few months, putting the final touches on the soon-to-drop new album from Cuddle Magic & Phyllis Chen, adding just-the-right-sounds to recordings by Kristin Andreassen and White Hinterland, and making music happen all around NYC.

Cuddle Magic goes back on the road in just a couple of weeks. I hope you’ll come to see and hear us live and in person. And, until that time, let this little session from Audiotree whet all your appetites.

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Another Tour

Being just about settled into Brooklyn life, and playing with folks around the neighborhood and the city (like Baby States, and Larkin Grimm, and The Hot Club of Bushwick, and Elijah Tucker, and JB Flatt, and Kendall Eddy, as well as visiting luminaries (I’m thinking of you, Nick Waterhouse) and making new music (always) with Mike Baggetta, and Dave Flaherty, and hearing surprising and wonderful music like The Pluto Moons … now I must prepare to leave once more:

Cuddle Magic hits the road in November. We’ll be here, and you should be, too. The band is sounding wonderful. And, as much as we all love home, we miss the road.

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Weird Appalachia

Baby States hits it twice this weekend. We back up the ever-mysterious Larkin Grimm on Friday evening (tonight) at the Rubin Museum of Art, and then we play a couple sets of murder-ballads, fiddle tunes, and more tomorrow at Bar Chord in Ditmas Park — from 9 til midnight. “Charlie Boyd”, who is not actually Charlie Boyd, joins us tomorrow. You should be there to hear that.

In other exciting news, finishing touches were made this morning to the Cuddle Magic/Phyllis Chen. Bryce Goggin has this thing sounding very very nice!

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New Songs

I’ve been enjoying an unusual amount of time off the road, in Brooklyn this summer.  And I love it.  For once, the kitchen is clean and the desk is uncluttered.  It’s been amazing to be busy making music in the city.

I’ll be working out some new songs when I play a set this Saturday, 8:45 pm, at the Passim Campfire Festival.

I recently had the privilege of adding woodwinds to Kristin Andreassen’s ‘Boat Song’ — check it out streaming on her band camp.

Other collaborations will be surfacing soon!

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More Midtown Monday Music

I’m at Destino once again, Monday, July 29, with David Bryant.  Music is continuing at this fine (and getting finer every Monday) establishment through August.  But I’ll be on a quick road-trip with Ronald Reagan – Boston’s Premier 80s Pop Saxophone Duo for a bit, and other fine singers will be taking my place.  Details soon on where you can catch us in the next two weeks!

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Midtown Monday Music

I’m incredibly excited that Destino, on 891 1st Ave in Manhattan, has recently begun hosting music in their bar on Monday nights, from 7:30 to 9:30.  Jarrett Cherner and I re-christened the piano last week, and this coming Monday I’ll be joined by the incredible David Bryant.

If that’s not enough to entice you, well … check out these meatballs.

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On the Road Again

The life I love is making music with my friends …

Here’s some music we made at Daytrotter Studios.  It was our second time visiting Rock Island, and we recorded fine live versions of Expectations, Don’t Forget, and a brand new song featuring the otherworldly harmony vocals of The Daredevil Christopher Wright. That’s a collaboration we hope to reprise soon, as we’ll be sharing four shows with those boys in the midst of a tour out to the Midwest and back East.

Here is a list of all the dates and locations:

4/14 – Columbus, OH
4/15 – Lexington, KY
4/16 – Newport, KY
4/18 – Madison, WI
4/19 – Winona, MN
4/20 – Minneapolis, MN
4/21 – Eau Claire, WI
4/24 – Lafayette, IN
4/25 – Chicago, IL
4/26 – Grand Rapids, MI
4/27 – Ypsilanti, MI
4/28 – Cleveland, OH
5/3 – Cambridge, MA
5/4 – Upper Jay, NY
5/5 – Burlington, VT
5/8 – Brooklyn, NY

More details, as always, can be found at our website.

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Folk Process Underway

I could not have been more thrilled when a friend pointed me to these two instances of my song, “Expectations” being re-imagined on the internet.

I had no idea it could feel so nice to be mis-quoted — like the work is becoming folk music, subject to aural transmission and transformation.

Chris Cook does a very fine job with the song here.

And an anonymous transcriber came up with this version of the lyrics, which introduces a mysterious metaphor: “all my favorite drinks”.

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