shows and a memory

I’m really excited I’ll get to play a set of my songs, many from Airplane Mode, and some newer songs, for all the people who make it out to the Sultan Room on the evening of Thursday, Aug 3rd.

It’s a great bill they’ll be catching: Upstate, Nico Osborne, and me! (really nice place, you can get tickets.)

Also coming up soon – some Red Hook imbibers will get to hear me and the Mike Robinson sing and play jazz & country classics, fondly remembered pop tunes, and the like, in the front room of Sunny’s Bar on Tuesday, July 18th.

I have so many complicated anxieties concerning the extensive documentation, these days, of everything, everywhere, all the time. And yet … I am really happy to have this document of a very focused musical moment with a cast of the empathetic listeners, of which I feel blessed to have been a part. I will be able to watch this so many times, for so many years, and continue to refresh that wonderful memory. It’s amazing the times we live in.

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