An Album Release Announcement! (and shows)

Jacob Jolliff, Jason Burger, and I have recorded an album of standards. It’ll be available, via all of the big digital services from whom one rents music these days, on Oct 6. And we’ll be printing cds. And we’re gonna have a party, fittingly in the same neighborhood where we made the album, at the Coffee Mob Bar & Roastery, at 7pm, on Wednesday, Oct 18. 

The first track, Ornithology, comes out even earlier, on Sep 11, via those same services. You can put a bookmark on it right now (search for our names in your service of choice, or click through the links on my profile); you’ll, at once remind your future self, and also communicate to the central servers, in advance, your enthusiasm for jazz mandolin, bass clarinet, and snare drum trio recordings. 

(The same trio will play a couple of songs at the Adyhâropa Records label showcase, at The Owl in Brooklyn, on Saturday, Oct 28!)

And, btw … I’ve got other shows coming up soon if you’d like to hear me living & in-person:

Sep 2 – with The David Wax Museum at Nowhere Else Festival in Martinsville, OH

Sep 9 – with The David Wax Museum at the Steam Kettle Music Festival in Westwood, MA

Sep 10 – singing songs, and playing with Andrew Dimola’s Amanti Ensemble at the Middle East Corner, Central Square, Cambridge, MA, 8pm

Sep 16 – playing the saxophone with Charlie Kaplan at Rubulad, in Brooklyn, NY

Sep 21-22 – with The David Wax Museum at Americana Fest in Nashville, TN

Oct 5 – playing the flute with Adeline Hotel for the Hot Fruit Album Release at The Owl

Oct 12 – on a bill with Chelsea Crabtree and Izzy Oram Brown at The Owl Music Parlor, in Brooklyn

Oct 18 – the above-mentioned album release party for Standards on Snare, Mandolin, and Bass Clarinet, 7pm at Coffee Mob Bar & Roastery, in Brooklyn, NY

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